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   Zada  Al Gaziyeh

Zada Al Gaziyeh & Raghsidad!
Lawrence, KS

Raghsidad! was established in 1988 to find opportunities for students to become professional dancers. Zada and Raghsidad! focus on study to preserve, present, and promote the arts of the Middle East in the greater Lawrence and Kansas City area.

Arts of the Middle East

Available for your "edutainment" are music, percussion and dance instruction, educational lectures / demonstrations; entertainment for weddings, or parties; a Dance Company - Raghsidad! and local musicians who specialize in musical improvisation using Middle Eastern musical concepts. We have access to a network of instructors, performers and vendors developed throughout the Midwest and the US, as well as in several overseas locations. Zada is available to instruct or coach on a local basis, as well as on the seminar circuit.  A wide range of classes can be customized for your learning audience. Study with Zada year-round through the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department. EMAIL Zada for information.


Passport to the World at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival
September 2, 3, 4


Bizarre Bazaar at the Lawrence Arts Center
Thanksgiving Weekend


whole lotta shakin' goin' on...

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